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EMCC- Animal Ambassador Intern

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Estrella Mountain Community College Science Division
Application Due Date: 
Sunday, June 24, 2018
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EMCC’s Science Division is seeking 3 responsible, dedicated Animal Ambassador Interns who are capable with working in a team environment. These interns will be responsible for providing adequate and safe animal care for the entire spring semester (16 weeks). EMCC’s Science Division prepares up-and-coming animal handlers and caretakers to be leaders in a variety of professions. The EMCC Science Division currently houses a variety of animals such as; ball pythons, corn snakes, ornate box turtles, red-eared sliders, painted turtles, Sonoran desert tortoises, rose-haired tarantula, and an in-house feeder mouse breeding program, all in which are utilized as teaching models in a variety of biology courses and community outreach events.


  • $500 student stipend, you must apply for it separately in order to be compensated. You can apply at this linkhttps://www.estrellamountain.edu/students/internships/west-valley-wirrcs...
  • Student service learning contact hours; (If you are not going to apply for and receive the $500 stipend)
  • Unique opportunity to gain some hands-on experience working closely with a variety of animals, both domestic and wildlife; 
  • Collegial and fun-loving colleagues who care deeply about animal welfare and conservation biology.   

The Science Division has asked that the intern(s) work for approximately 3 hrs. per week and will be flexible with your EMCC schedule. Applicants must be continuing EMCC students and have a minimum of 2.5 G.P.A or a recommendation from your SWSC instructor. If you would like assistance in preparing the required materials; cover letter, application and resume, or in preparing for an interview, please visit or contact the Career Center at 623.935.8740.

Duties and Responsibilities: 

Interns will be responsible for (but not be limited to):

  • Flushing and filling water containers for all aquaria (daily);
  • Spot cleaning aquaria as needed (daily);
  • Regular bedding changes / complete aquaria cleanings (monthly);
  • Managing feeder mouse reproduction (i.e., tracking life cycles, pairing, separating) (daily);
  • Tracking weight loss on hibernating tortoises (weekly);
  • Setting up / breaking down weekly public snake feeding shows (weekly);
  • Handling animal ambassadors and communicating natural history and conservation lessons to EMCC student body, as well as multiple public outreach events (i.e., local schools) (monthly);
  • Feeding red-eared and painted turtles at outdoor pond at Ocotillo (daily);
  • Cleaning filtration system for outdoor water pump (monthly);
  • Surveying for nesting burrowing owls in artificial burrows (weekly);
  • Coordinating with student volunteers and other interns to ensure that all animal ambassadors are properly cared for and treated with respect (daily);
  • Managing our EMCC Animal Ambassador website.  Uploading photographs and animal tracking and care data (weekly).
Minimum Requirements: 
  • Full-time student at MCCCD (enrolled in at least 12 credits).  All majors welcome and encouraged to apply;
  • Current member, or willing to join, the student STEAM club (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math);
  • Minimum 3 hour commitment per week (we can work around your class schedule);
  • Internship applicants should be comfortable and familiar with handling a variety of animals.  However, extensive experience with all of the aforementioned species is not required, as interns will receive comprehensive training.
  • Most importantly, interns must possess good interpersonal communication skills, as they will be working as part of a larger team of volunteers, undergraduate researchers, student workers, laboratory technicians, and numerous staff and faculty.  Being a good team member is essential here.