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Dysart School District-Education Intern

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Company Name: 
Dysart Unified School District
Application Due Date: 
Sunday, June 3, 2018
Federal Work-Study Eligible Site: 
Qualify for WIRCCS Scholarship: 

Dysart Unified School District (www.dysart.org) is looking for enthusiastic future teacher to assist in their classrooms.  The student will receive hands on experience in using curriculum materials and instruction strategies and will be working in collaboration with content specialist to assist in providing small group or one on one reading or math support. The District has asked that the intern work for 10-20 hours per week .  Hours are flexible, depending on the student’s schedule.  If the student is Federal Work Study eligible this could be a paid opportunity $9-10 per hour.  If you have financial aid and would like to find out if you are Federal Work Study qualified please email Landis Elliott your student ID (landis.elliott@estrellamountain.edu). Applicants must be continuing EMCC students and have a minimum of 2.5 G.P.A or a recommendation from your SWSC instructor. If you would like assistance in preparing the required materials; cover letter, application and resume or in preparing for an interview, please contact the Career Center at 623.935.8740.

In your cover letter please list the top 3 schools and grade levels you would like to assist. www.dysart.org

Duties and Responsibilities: 
  • Trained to provide scripted instruction
  • Providing models for fluency
  • Practicing math concepts and skills
  • DIBELs progress monitoring
  • Completed at least one EDU class with Field Experience, please list this on your resume.
  • Future goal to be a teacher, your future goals should be listed in your cover letter.
  • Currently have an IVP fingerprint card, email a copy/picture to landis.elliott@estrellamountain.edu or attached to your cover letter.